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If your lawn needs a boost, or you need relief from the energy required to maintain it, Quality All-Care can help. Since 1986, we’ve been eliminating the burden of lawn care for thousands of Olathe homeowners. Our expert teams do everything required to create and maintain a superior lawn for you. Our Olathe, KS lawn care services give your turf everything it needs, at just the right moment, for it to reach its total beauty and health potential!

Lawn Care Services in Olathe

Here at Quality All-Care, our priority is improving the look, overall health, and long-term sustainability of your lawn. Our Olathe lawn care experts are here to help you achieve the property of your dreams!

The Most Comprehensive Lawn Care Service in Olathe

There is no shortcut to having a lush, carpet-like turf on your property. That is why our Olathe lawn care services include everything necessary to cultivate estate-like grass at your home. From fertilization to weed prevention and protection, brown patch control, and more, our treatments are designed specifically for the needs of the Olathe area. We tailor these treatments to the condition of your individual grass. Check out our signature six-step program to learn more about our lawn care services!

“We have used Quality All-Care Lawn Services since locating in Olathe over 10 years ago. I have nothing but praise for the quality of their services and the results of their efforts. Several of our neighbors, after observing our lawn year after year, have switched over to Quality. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent lawn care company.” - Keith B

Relax Knowing Your Loved Ones are Safe

There’s no need to compromise the health of your loved ones, pets, or the environment to get the green lawn you want. We proudly use organic and pet-friendly treatments with all of our Olathe lawn care services. This means you can enjoy the luxury of green grass without any unnecessary risk. Our natural products don’t just result in a visible difference - they increase the longevity of the health of your grass by altering the environment on your property to the optimal conditions for your landscape to thrive.

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