Revel in Your Dream Landscape

Lush grass and fertile soil, while both essential elements of a strong landscape foundation, can only do so much in terms of adding beauty and value to your lawn in Shawnee. Adding ornamentals is a great way to invest in your landscape, and Quality All-Care can help you protect that investment right from the start.

Tree and Shrub Care in Shawnee

To achieve a truly enviable landscape, incorporating trees and shrubs into your outdoor space is key. Although the task of caring for trees and shrubs in Shawnee may seem challenging, don’t worry. Your friends at Quality All-Care have the skills, know-how and the latest technology and tools necessary to rise to the challenge and keep your landscape looking picture-perfect all year long.

Six Steps to Success is All Your Trees and Shrubs Need

It takes a lot more than just a quick glance-over to keep your trees and shrubs looking their best, and every landscape is different. The needs for tree and shrub care in Shawnee are distinctive, and that is where Quality All-Care comes in. Our team of trusted technicians will inspect and evaluate your unique landscape to determine your individual needs. We take into account many things to find the best treatment for your trees and shrubs, including:
    •    Plants and soil
    •    Local and regional factors unique to the Shawnee area
    •    Your landscaping goals

From there, our friendly professionals will provide you with a complete 6-cycle tree and shrub treatment plan, to keep your lawn a few steps ahead of those pesky pests and diseases that might do damage to your greenery. A healthy landscape is a beautiful landscape, and Quality All-Care is just what the doctor ordered.

A Team You Can Trust

The members of our lawn care team are knowledgeable professionals for sure, but a flawless understanding of every root and leaf on your lawn’s shrubs and trees can only get you so far. At Quality All-Care, our customers are treated like family, and that notion shines through in the impeccable customer service that we extend to each and every client. 

From the very first consultation to the final touches on your landscape’s tree and shrub care and even tips for care between services, our lawn care professionals will keep you in the loop, answer all of your questions and ensure that you remain connected to your landscape through the entire process. 

After all, it isn’t just about your trees and shrubs. For us, it’s about growing and nurturing relationships with customers like you to make you a member of the Quality All-Care family.

“I have been a Quality All-Care customer for many years, Don and his team have always been great to work with. Very professional and responsive!!” - Nancy

The Quality All-Care Difference is, Well, Quality

When it comes to caring for trees and shrubs in Shawnee, we know that cutting corners just won’t do it - not by a long shot. From the time our company was established in 1987, we have taken pride in providing high-quality services. Our dedicated technicians work hard to ensure that the unique landscape challenges of the Shawnee area are met and overcome. Locally owned and trusted for almost three decades, Quality All-Care has become the best name in tree and shrub care in Shawnee, KS and the surrounding area.

The Landscape of Your Dreams – Just a Phone Call Away

It is time for you to stop dreaming about your ideal landscape, pick up the phone and make your garden reverie a reality. It is as simple as that. If your lawn has left you frustrated and confused, or even if you just need a little bit of guidance to make your trees and shrubs look better than you ever dreamed, give us a call today. With our dedicated technicians, tried-and-true maintenance plans, and customized service, the trees and shrubs in your Shawnee landscape will transform your yard into the veritable outdoor paradise that it was meant to be.

It is never too early or too late to get help with your trees and shrubs, or all of your landscaping needs. Let us do the heavy lifting to create your ideal yard to serve as the backdrop for your family’s adventures for years to come. 

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