Why You Need to Aerate Your Lawn This Fall


As cooler weather approaches and families begin to head indoors, the thought of yard work and lawn care can become a distant memory for a lot of Kansas City folks. But surprisingly enough, fall can actually be one of the best times to prep your lawn for next year, specifically by aerating and seeding!

What is lawn aeration and overseeding?

Lawn aeration is critical to the health and thickness of your yard because it opens the door for adding nutrients in a more efficient way. Instead of seeding the top of the soil, the aeration technique pulls small plugs of it out to create nutrient-absorbing pockets.

Aeration opens the door for better water and airflow and provides the perfect environment to overseed your lawn. It also aids in loosening the soil from its compacted state, managing thatch, and stimulating root growth for healthier plants. In Kansas and Missouri, aeration is necessary for achieving a healthy lawn.

Overseeding your lawn is simply a term for planting new seed in existing turf or grass, as opposed to tearing up your yard and fertilizing the soil bed. Overseeding in Kansas and Missouri is a complementary treatment to an aeration service.

Why should you aerate your lawn in the fall?

The benefits of lawn aeration are magnified when you take charge before winter. This benefit is due to the rapid recovery opportunity your yard has after the hot summer months.

Pro tip: The ideal season for aeration in Kansas and Missouri: Mid-August through the end of October! 

You’ll also avoid competing with an abundance of weeds and high levels of soil saturation if you aerate and overseed in the fall. And since grass grows best in the fall, it’s the prime season to give it all the necessary nutrients.

Do I need to aerate and overseed in the fall?

Combining lawn aeration and overseeding is like knocking out two chores in one swift move! Plus, the methods go hand-in-hand for creating a healthy lawn year-round by:

  • Improving lawn color and density
  • Reducing bare spots and increasing consistency
  • Strengthening your yard’s defense against insects, drought, and disease
  • Using less pesticide

Of course, you could always take the easiest, most guaranteed approach to lawn aeration by checking out our expert lawn care services in Kansas City. Quality All-Care’s lawn professionals are equipped to tackle the toughest lawns, leaving you with a beautiful yard, year-round.