Are you ready to have the lawn you've always dreamed of?

Here at Quality All-Care, we understand how challenging it can be for you to keep your landscape looking thick and green season after season. That's why we offer hassle-free, reliable services you can count on to keep your lawn looking healthy. 

Lawn Care in Kansas City

If you're looking for a simple way to achieve a sustainable, beautiful landscape, we have the solution. family-owned, local Kansas City lawn care business, we have spent the past several decades refining our processes to provide the best possible service for you and your family. Relax, with Quality All-Care's lawn care, tree and shrub care, pest control, flea & tick control, and aeration & seeding services in Kansas City, you can rest assured that your landscape will be well cared for.

Save Time With Our Comprehensive Lawn Care Solution

Our goal is to spend time perfecting the look of your lawn, so you don't have to. With the help of our signature six-application lawn care program, your lawn will be 100% protected with: 

  • Thorough weed elimination
  • Lawn disease prevention & fungus treatment
  • Ironclad grub control barriers
  • Seasonal lawn fertilization & deep root nourishment
  • Additional lawn services like aeration and seeding should your lawn need a full overhaul! 

“I tried the big lawn companies without any satisfaction and still had an ugly yard. Once I switched to Quality All-Care, the yard took off... I now have them doing two properties and recommend them to anyone that is searching or dissatisfied. Any issues or questions, I just pick up the phone and call Nancy. Customer service is the BEST.” - Daniel G

At Quality All-Care, we believe in protecting your family and preserving the environment. That's why we use family-friendly lawn care products that get powerful results, safely killing weeds and diseases without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. As a result, you know your family and pets are safe spending time outdoors. We want you to trust our Kansas City lawn care, fertilization, and weed control services because nothing is more important to us than your family's health and safety.

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Tree and Shrub Care in Kansas City

Did you know that Emerald Ash Borers have reached the Midwest, targeting your beautiful Ash trees? We're here to make sure your trees and shrubs are protected from pests, diseases, and changing temperatures, so you can get a beautiful Kansas City landscape without all the work! Relax, with Quality All-Care, nothing stands a chance against our scientifically tested 6-cycle program. Place your trust in our team of experienced tree care technicians, who have the tools and knowledge to keep your trees and shrubs healthy from season to season.

When it comes to Kansas City tree and shrub care, our trained professionals take into account all of the important elements. Before they begin, they will inspect your yard, making an overall health evaluation of your plants, trees, and shrubs. That includes the type of soil and the potential for diseases and pest issues. Because we know that healthy plants and trees resist insects and disease more naturally, our team will bring out the best in your landscape with spectacular results. Our tree and shrub care services in Kansas City include:

  • Winter & Spring dormant oil treatment
  • Two deep root feeding applications
  • Three doses of fungicide and insecticide applications

“I have been a Quality All-Care customer for many years, Don and his team have always been great to work with. Very professional and responsive!!” - Nancy

At Quality All-Care, we understand how difficult it is to take care of your yard when juggling a busy schedule. We want you to have a landscape you can take pride in. That's why we guarantee all of our services. If you are anything less than fully satisfied with our comprehensive lawn care services, we will re-service your property or refund your money. There's no reason for you to spend your weekends playing catch-up in your yard. Just give us a call instead!

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Pest Control in Kansas City

At Quality All-Care, we understand that your home is your safe space. That is why we do everything we can to keep bugs out by treating the perimeter of your home. Our exterminators will cover 6 feet up and 6 feet out from your home to ensure pests never even have the opportunity to get in. The best part? Our five-cycle pest control treatment not only exterminates all bugs that get in, but our treatment also takes care of any remaining larvae for long-term prevention.

It takes a powerful, proactive pest control plan to keep bugs away. They will stop at nothing to get into your house, often utilizing the grassy areas around your home. Because we know insects like to enter your home through your landscape, our trained exterminators in Kansas City will inspect and treat the following areas in your home:

  • Bushes
  • Shrubs
  • Plant beds
  • Gutters
  • And anywhere else that serves as a pathway.

With Quality All-Care on the job, pests don't stand a chance, so you can take comfort in knowing your home and family are safe! The last thing we want to do is interrupt your busy schedule. Because of this, our perimeter pest control in Kansas City is designed to fight pests without being intrusive. By creating an exterior barrier around your home, we can keep disruptions to a minimum. The best part? You don't even have to be home for our team to get started! We'll take care of the pests while you take care of your responsibilities.

We offer two different pest control options to keep your home safe:

  • Perimeter pest control program: This protects your home from all common household pests for just $65 per treatment. This program includes 5 pest control applications a year.
  • Perimeter pest + mosquito control program: This protects your home & yard from pests and pesky mosquitoes! This program includes 5 targeted applications a year at just $90 per treatment.

Here in the Midwest, pests are a nuisance to homes year-round. The warmer weather brings out ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, and many other pests, while the colder temperatures actually send pests indoors. Because pests are an ongoing problem, our exterminators will visit your home five times a year to eliminate current issues and prevent future infestations. By strategically scheduling our treatments, we ensure you have a pest-free home in every season.

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Flea & Tick Control in Kansas City

You want to enjoy your yard without worrying about the safety of your family. Fleas and ticks can cause uncomfortable bites, not to mention Lyme disease. We fully inspect your property and target breeding grounds to get rid of your problem for good!

Our flea and tick control service exterminates:

  • fleas 
  • flea larvae 
  • ticks

Our Kansas City flea and tick control program eliminates adult insects as well as larvae to keep them from coming back. We perform four targeted flea and tick control treatments on your property, depending on the severity of the infestation.

“Been with Quality All-Care Lawn Service for 17 years now. Don and his team have always been consistent with scheduled applications. Anytime I've had a problem (I've only had 1 or 2 in 17 years) they were responsive, professional and solved the problem to our mutual satisfaction. I highly recommend Quality All-Care Lawn Services”. - Jim S.

We’ve been serving homes in the Kansas City area since 1986. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, and always go the extra mile to meet your needs. If you’re looking for quick, reliable, and affordable service in Kansas City, look no further!

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Aeration & Seeding in Kansas City

Do you want to ensure a healthy lawn for the upcoming growing season? Or do you need a service to fill in thin or bare areas in your grass? No matter what you need, Quality All-Care offers it all. Our team of professionals will help you select from our tiered lawn renovation options. Your grass is guaranteed to get the exact level of attention it needs to produce the thick, healthy lawn you deserve! We offer the following three options in depending on your needs:

  • Lawn aeration, overseeding, and vertical grass-cutting (verticutting) services for only $75 / 1000 sq. ft.
  • Lawn aeration and overseeding for only $45 / 1000 sq. ft.
  • Just lawn aeration for only $20 / 1000 sq.ft.

“I have been incredibly impressed with Quality All-Care Lawn Services. They are friendly, professional and responsive when I need something." - Melissa, Kansas City

Every lawn in Kansas City can benefit from lawn aeration, overseeding, or a combination of these services. The benefits of this service include:

  • Helps your lawn breathe again.
  • Relieves the compaction caused by weather, foot traffic, and stress.
  • Maximizes the flow of nutrients to the root.
  • Improves the overall health of your turf.

Coupled with an overseeding service that ensures seed-to-soil contact, our lawn renovation service is the ideal way to produce a thicker, greener lawn for your home!

Determining the treatment that your lawn needs can be challenging. Our experts will take the pressure off by helping you make the best decision. We have been caring for Kansas City lawns since 1986, and our team consists of the friendly, dependable experts you want in your yard. Whether your lawn needs a total overhaul, a service to rejuvenate thin areas or relief from compaction and stress, we can help.

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