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Lawn care can sometimes feel like a never-ending chore that requires constant attention. If you are ready for a break from hard yard work our lawn care experts in Leawood can provide fast relief. We offer a number of services to get your lawn in its best shape so you can enjoy your yard year round. Our lawn services in Leawood will ensure your yard gets all the care it needs to be green and healthy!

Lawn Care in Leawood

With the help of a lawn care expert, having a green lawn in Leawood has never been easier. We time our fertilizer, weed control, and fungicidal applications to the climate in Leawood, so your lawn receives optimal benefits.

Our dual focus on effective services and customer satisfaction makes our year-round lawn care in Leawood highly effective and effortless for you. When you become one of our valued lawn care customers, we treat your yard like it’s our own. You can always count on our friendly technicians to arrive as scheduled and leave your lawn looking great!

Give Your Lawn More Color, Thickness, & Appeal

Our signature seven-round lawn care program is formulated to provide your lawn with everything it needs so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Combining fertilizers, targeted weed treatments, pest prevention, and more, our lawn care in Leawood will give your grass everything it needs to be green, thick, and healthy.

With our lawn care in Leawood, we provide the following services specifically formulated so your lawn can thrive:

  • Fertilizer applications
  • Weed control
  • Fungus treatment
  • Grub control
  • Surface feeding insect control

Keep Your Space Protected with Organic Lawn Care

Our signature six-step lawn care services in Leawood capitalize on organic-based fertilizers. The products we use are specifically chosen to make your lawn green, thick, and weed-free without excessive chemicals. That means your family, pets, and the environment are kept safe throughout the process. What’s more, organic-based fertilizers are proven to produce more beautiful results that last longer than traditional products, producing picture-perfect yards without any compromises.

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