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Family-Friendly Treatments

Our 7-step lawn care program is designed to make your life easier while also maintaining safety and comfort. We proudly use proven, low-chemical stimulants to create green, healthy, weed-free lawns. Our methods are family, pet, and eco-friendly. With our signature lawn care in Overland Park, you’ll get the green you desire and responsibly treat weeds, diseases, and more.

When you partner with Quality All-Care for lawn care in Overland Park, you get:

  • Family and pet-friendly lawn & landscaping treatments
  • A team with over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • Trusted lawn care technicians who know your name
  • Free service calls and retreatments if needed

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Quick & Effective Treatments

Lawn maintenance is a big commitment to take on. Even the most dedicated, well-researched homeowners still struggle to produce ideal results on their own. Quality All-Care will relieve you of the burden that lawn care has on your schedule, conscience, and wallet. Our lawn services in Overland Park are effective and quick — and we will provide them at your convenience.

“I first met Don in 1983 when I had the worst looking lawn in the neighborhood. He transformed my lawn into the best in the neighborhood within 2 years. I have been using him ever since and have had the best lawn in the four neighborhoods we have lived in since. He is honest and fair and a good ole homegrown Kansas City boy."

Tree and Shrub Care in Overland Park

We are proud to offer the best tree and shrub service in Overland Park. Our confidence comes from the detailed planning, science, and experience that have gone into our 6-cycle tree and shrub care program. If you are looking for a custom localized plan that will give your plants the year-round attention they need to stay healthy in the midst of Kansas weather, bugs, and diseases, this is it. Our services include:

  • Dormant oil treatment that kills bugs and their larvae
  • Deep root fertilization to promote healthy spring growth and beautiful color
  • Fungicide and insecticide applications to prevent diseases and infestations

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Tree Care from the Trusted Experts

Here at Quality All-Care, our professional team operates more like a family than a business, and our visits with you will reflect that. Whether it means taking a few extra minutes to answer your questions, revisiting to apply an additional treatment, or providing you with tips for plant care between treatments, we maintain customer-focused, can-do attitudes. If you want beautiful trees and shrubs delivered by the friendliest and most experienced technicians in Kansas, then Quality All-Care is the way to go!

“I have been incredibly impressed with Quality All-Care Lawn Services.  They are friendly, professional and responsive when I need something.  The change in how my lawn looks after working with them has been fantastic to see.  I have referred them to several friends who have also been pleased with their services.  I think that they are the best value in town. :)” - Melissa C., Prairie Village, KS

Lawn Fertilization in Overland Park

To get a lush, healthy lawn, you need to give your turf the nutrients it needs to thrive. With Quality All-Care Lawn Services, you’ll get lawn fertilization in Overland Park that’ll give you the thick, green lawn of your dreams. As part of our 6-Step Lawn Care Program, we’ll provide a range of treatments to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. Our lawn fertilization in Overland Park includes:

  • Season lawn fertilization
  • Weed control and treatment
  • Grub control
  • Fungus treatment and prevention
  • And more!

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The Best Lawn Care in Overland Park

If you are under the illusion that the landscapes you see in home and garden magazines are impossible, then you're wrong. We promise you that a thriving, lush landscape can be yours with our tree and shrub care services in Overland Park. It is our pleasure and mission to help homeowners like you realize the yard of your dreams by delivering healthy, colorful landscapes through advanced science and year-round attention. If you're unhappy with your lawn after a scheduled treatment, we will re-treat at no cost!

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