Perimeter Pest Control in Lenexa, KS

Once you see pests in your home, you want them gone—and for it to stay that way. Our Lenexa exterminators build a barrier around your house, treating six feet up and six feet out from your foundation. Not only does this exterminate all the bugs and larvae already present, but it also keeps them from returning. You’ll be protected against:

  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Beetles
  • Spiders
  • And more!

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Long-Lasting Pest Protection

Pest problems are year-round, so our perimeter pest control services in Lenexa are too. Whether you’re dealing with insects in your yard during warmer months or those same pests taking refuge in the winter, we’ve got you covered. Our exterminators will visit your home 5 times a year to ensure you continue living pest-free by eliminating current issues and preventing future infestations.

Family-Friendly Treatments to Protect Your Home

We’ve been fighting pests for over 35 years, so we know pests migrate from your yard to inside your house. Best of all, we only use EPA-approved, family-friendly products! To stop that pest movement and protect your home, our exterminators in Lenexa inspect pathways such as:

  • Bushes
  • Shrubs
  • Gutters
  • Plant beds

Take back your space from unwanted pests today!

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