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To ensure your landscape is in optimal condition throughout the year, we also offer additional services such as pre-emergent weed control, fungicide treatments, grub control, bagworm treatment, and more! Quality All-Care is your one-stop shop for all things lawn care. We aim to provide you with the best care all in one place in Kansas and Missouri!

Additional Services in Kansas and Missouri

1. Pre-Emergent Weed Control for Landscape Beds

The best way to a weed free landscape is a preventative treatment that kills weeds before they are visible. Weeds are visually displeasing and harmful to the underground environment in your landscape beds, stealing valuable nutrients and water from damaging nearby grass and plants. Our pre-emergent weed control program is specifically formulated to treat those weeds most common in Kansas and Missouri. Pre-emergent weed prevention ensures your lawn, flower beds, trees, and shrubs project a consistent and healthy image year round!

2. Turf Fungicide Treatment Plans

Keeping turf green and healthy is a much greater undertaking than most people realize. All turf is susceptible to standard lawn care issues such as dry spots, thinning, grubs, and weeds, but grass is also commonly plagued with fungus. We have over 25 years of experience correcting and treating the damage that fungal infections can cause. Our comprehensive turf fungicide treatment plan is designed to treat any current fungal infections and prevent future problems from occurring.

3. Grub Control For Your Lawn

In Kansas and Missouri, June is a welcomed sign of warmer temperatures and less rainy days. Unfortunately, it is also an unwelcome sign of one of the most destructive lawn pests: grubs. Grubs are very small bugs that feed on the roots of your flowers, shrubs, grass and trees. These tiny bugs feed on your landscape and transform your lush, newly green grass into thin brown patches. The best treatment for grubs is prevention, which is why our technicians work to keep your landscape pest and grub free.

4. Bagworm Treatments for Your Landscape

We have extensive experience with the frustration and devastation that bagworms cause. If left unchecked and untreated, bagworms, or bag moths, will feast on evergreens and destroy foliage throughout the summer. Bagworm infestation causes the death and inevitable removal of trees, leaving you with gaps in your landscape and costly replacement expenses. We inspect and treat for current bagworms, as well as prevent future damage. Our bagworm treatments help you avoid the expense and risk of replacing trees while protecting your evergreens well into the future!

5. Lime Soil Treatments

We recognize the importance of a properly balanced soil bed in ensuring your lawn, flowers, and trees receive the nutrients crucial to their health. Improper pH levels in your soil will cause valuable nutrients to become unavailable to plants who rely on them to live. Our technicians evaluate your lawn’s needs and create a comprehensive plan. Our lime and other treatments ensure your soil beds are at the proper pH year round. Let us start your lawn off right with a lime treatment today!

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