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The secret to having the best lawn on your block and getting thick, green grass is aeration and overseeding! During the hot summer months, lawns in the greater Kansas City area typically thin down from drought, disease, and insects. While year-round lawn care is the best way to maintain your lawn, aeration, seeding, and verticutting in the fall are also crucial steps to keeping your grass full and green.

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Aeration and Seeding in Kansas City

Do you have brown spots in your otherwise-green lawn? This is because after a long summer of high foot traffic and heat stress, your lawn is compacted and the roots aren't soaking up the nutrition it needs! That's why we offer aeration, seeding, and verticutting services in Kansas City. These fall services make your lawn as healthy and beautiful as you've dreamed of! 

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Reap the Benefits of Aeration

Our Kansas City aeration includes the removal of small plugs of soil to help encourage the exchange of air between your lawn and the atmosphere around it, helping it "breathe." The benefits of aeration include:

  • Improved air exchange
  • Reduced water wastage
  • Improved fertilizer and nutrient uptake
  • Stronger roots
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Improved overall health of your lawn

Overseeding and Verticutting to Get the Job Done!

While aeration helps your lawn breathe, it only brings you part of the way to the finish line! Overseeding in Kansas City is the process of laying eco-friendly, high-in-nutrient seed over your lawn. This is completed after aeration as your lawn will be able to absorb the seed properly! Overseeding promotes growth and helps fight off lawn disease and weeds.

Vertical grass cutting—also known as verticutting—removes the brown, dead layer of soil that's on top of the lively green grass is taken out of the ground. This ensures the dead patch is gone and that new, healthy grass will grow in its place! Verticutting in Kansas City should be completed before overseeding.

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Treatment Plans Customized to Your Goals

We offer three Kansas City aeration packages to help your lawn look great come spring! 

Option 1: Complete Lawn Renovation

This package includes lawn aeration, overseeding, and verticutting. It provides the best possible results and offers a complete overhaul to help your lawn look its best. This combination effectively prepares your lawn for water and nutrient absorption, while also filling in thin areas and removing the layers of thatch so your lawn looks green, healthy, and better than ever! The cost is only $80/1000 sq. ft. 

Option 2: Lawn Aeration and Seeding

This package includes lawn aeration and overseeding, and it is designed to fill in the thin and brown patches on your lawn! The best part? The cost for this option is only $45/1000 sq. ft. and is a great way to ensure a healthy lawn in warmer temperatures!

Option 3: Just Lawn Aeration

We recommend that at the very least you aerate your lawn every fall season. If you want to ensure your lawn is green, plush, and ready for spring, our core aeration package is a must. At $20/1000 sq.ft, this is a deal you can’t beat!

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Areas We Service

After 35 years, we have perfected the process to make your dream lawn come true. You can trust in our satisfaction guarantee that you will love your results, otherwise we will re-service at no additional cost to you! Our Kansas City aeration, seeding, and verticutting services are available in:

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