Protect your family and pets from fleas and ticks in your yard!

You spend countless hours and dollars treating your dogs, cats, and other pets for fleas and ticks, but what about the yard your pets and family spend time in? Flea and tick control in your outdoor environment is not only crucial to the safety of your family and animals, but generally requires extensive knowledge.

Flea and Tick Control in Kansas and Missouri

Fleas and ticks can quickly ruin a great time in the backyard.  We offer effective flea and tick control treatments in Kansas and Missouri to keep your pets and family safe. If your lawn has been overrun with fleas or ticks you know what a hassle it can be. We work with you to get your problem taken care of quickly!

A certified professional will visit your property to inspect and locate problem areas in your lawn. We typically perform 4 targeted treatments to exterminate current fleas and ticks and prevent future problems. We keep you informed of your treatment plan every step of the way so you get the best result. We offer flea and tick treatments in:


Maximize Family Fun 

Fleas aren’t just a problem for your dogs and cats, they can cause itchy, uncomfortable bites for you or your children. Fleas and ticks can hide under your porch, in the dog house, or just in some overgrown grass. Enjoy your summer without the threat of bites or Lyme disease!  We can help your family take full advantage of the backyard.

Ready to enjoy your home and lawn worry-free?

The Quality All-Care team will keep your family and pets safe with our flea and tick control service.

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